The abaya for women

Theabaya is an Islamic garment that Muslim women wear to cover their body, except for the face, hands and feet. It must be worn with a skirt or pants underneath to cover their legs. Theabaya has gone through the ages to become something contemporary, where the patterns of theabaya have been combined with different fabrics such as cotton and polyester. The result is a light and presentable product.

Theabaya is essentially a long flowing outer garment worn by some Muslim women. Theabaya covers almost the entire body of the wearer, except for the head, feet and hands. It can come in many different styles, including loose-fitting styles that drape over the body and tight-fitting styles that almost look like vests. An abaya may or may not have sleeves, depending on personal preference, although mostabaya styles feature long sleeves.

Theabaya is a staple in every Muslim woman's wardrobe. It is a traditional loose-fitting dress worn over clothing. Most often worn in Saudi Arabia, it comes in different styles and colors: black, pink, blue, green or white.

Our selection ofabayas is available in unique designs that you won't find anywhere else. Created using the latest textile technologies, these abayas are comfortable, flowing and elegant. Ideal for festive occasions such asEid al-Fitr or weddings, they will also be perfect for your everyday life.

The Kimono Abaya

Thekimono abaya is known for its versatility and flattering fit. Thekimono abaya has established itself as a leader in the fashion world, thanks to its refined simplicity and comfortable fit. The long sleeves and lightweight fabric make it easy to wear whatever you're wearing underneath. Its versatility is also key, as it goes with just about everything from jeans to pants.

The abaya kimono is elegant in its simplicity. It is a fashionable and long-lasting traditional garment for Muslim and non-Muslim women with style and distinction. The design of thekimono abaya is classic, original and complements other contemporary styles. Traditionally, it is worn by Muslim women, but non-veiled ladies also like to wear it with different tops and western designs.

The Dubai Abaya

TheDubai Abaya is a true classic. This cut has been appreciated for years by Muslim women for its very modern cuts and its ability to adapt to all morphologies. We have selected for you, the Dubai abayas that will perfectly suit all occasions. A selection of colors and fabrics that will allow you to choose what you want in terms of design or color. You will find here the most modern shapes with asymmetrical cuts.

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106 products