Kimono Abaya

The Abaya Kimono Cape

Theabaya has been the uniform of women in Islamic countries for centuries. For many oriental women, theabaya kimono is a fashion symbol. It enhances their beauty and elegance through a comfortable yet modest garment. It is usually worn over a garment. It protects from cold and wind, while allowing freedom of movement in daily life and work. Our contemporary version of this classic is a perfect example of how fashion can bridge the gap between cultures. The kimono abaya dress is made of soft fabric and features elaborate embroidery in a palette of rich, autumnal tones inspired by the fall fashions of the East. These beautiful designs can be worn all year round and it is dressy enough to wear to evening events.

Women's Kimono Abaya

Thekimono abaya is always very chic and trendy. The beautiful abaya kimonos add glamour to your look. The beautiful fabric and exquisite design details offer you a wonderful experience when you wear it. The Abaya Kimono collection is made to make you feel extraordinary on a daily basis. They are not only elegant, but also versatile. From the office to weddings and family gatherings, these abayas can be worn for any occasion and change according to your choice. Thekimono abaya creates a chic look for respectful dressing with a silky inner fabric that helps create an eye-catching silhouette. Thekimono abaya holds its shape beautifully, thanks to the fabric used. When the weather is hot, you can still look beautiful and chic. Our abaya kimonos have become very popular and loved by the younger generation all over the world; they allow you to enjoy your favorite activities while looking graceful. Thekimono abaya is ideal for casual occasions such as beach parties, wedding ceremonies and other special events. The beautiful kimono abayas can be worn with jeans, heels or flats to make your look outstanding. Kimono abayas are available in a variety of patterns and colors, making it easy for you to find the one that best suits your personality.

Dubai Kimono Abaya

An Abaya kimono Dubai is not only a garment, but also a very elegant kimono and as such, it is meant to complete the figure of every woman who is capable of wearing this garment that imposes no limits on its owner. In addition to ensuring safety, a Dubai kimono abaya specially designed to be worn in different ways, depending on taste and age. Our Dubai kimono abaya is made of beautiful and soft high quality fabric, which falls naturally on the body. A Dubai Kimono Abaya is a unique garment.

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46 products